Eid Box (Boys)
Eid Box (Boys)
Eid Box (Boys)
Eid Box (Boys)

Eid Box (Boys)

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An Eid special gift box for men that embodies festivity. This time, include the men in your life in celebrating Eid with this meticulously created Eid box that will surely bring joy.

This beautiful hard card box includes;

• Soz Customised leather wallet with engraved calligraphy

Urdu Text:
تری خاک میں ہے اگر شرر تو خیالِ فقر و غنا نہ کر
English Text:
Do not worry about wealth or destitution, as long as there burns a spark in your substance

• A Soz special stole for men with Urdu Calligraphy
دیارِ عشق میں اپنا مقام پیدا کر
نیا زمانہ، نئے صبح و شام پیدا کر

• Customised Urdu Calligraphy Keychain
کیوں تو اچھا لگتا ہے وقت ملا تو سوچیں گے
• A Dairy Milk Chocolate with Meethi Eid Chocolate Cover
• A festive Eidi Card with an envelope

On top of that, the beautiful hard box is a collectable.

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Box Size: 10 × 8.5 inches